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The price of defending the United States is astronomical and rising quickly.  We’re short of funds and it’s about to get worse.  As the budget battle rages with no resolution in sight, there’s talk of involuntary reductions in force, cessation of critical defense projects and stretching our war weary manpower even thinner in the face of emerging threats from implacable Islamo-fascist and rising Easter powers. 

Enter the auditors. 

Auditor Report “Researches’ & Reports” techniques and their application intended save taxpayer dollars permitting our warfighters to have the resources necessary to remain the most deadly force on the planet. 

These advanced auditing methods have direct application in other environments.  Learn more, more quickly.  Subscribe and connect today.

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All opinions expressed are solely those of Dave Zenker, CPA.
  They are not those of the Department of Defense or any Federal Agency.