Thank you for visiting "Building Powerful Families."  My goal is to make a significant positive difference in as many lives as I can, one family at a time. I want to be the change agent permitting you to improve your life and the lives of those closest to you.  It is possible to insulate yourself and your family from the vagaries of the job market, the stock market and family emergencies.  You can do much more than just get by, you can thrive. 

You are your family's most important asset.  When you do well, you family does well.  When you succeed, your family benefits.  When you thrive, your family blossoms.  When we work together to build a lasting business permitting everyone to travel, work and play when and where they'd like, you've created a Family Dynasty. 

I can help you thrive.  I can help you create your Family Dynasty. 

My name is Dave Zenker.  I'm a Texas CPA.  I've been in network marketing for more than 20 years.  I know what I'm doing.  Everything I do is by the numbers.  I'm trained to assume responsibility and take action.  It's what I do.  It's what works.  If you'll follow my lead, it can work for you.

Let me prove it to you. 

When you follow the link below, you're taken to Affinity Marketing.  Affinity Marketing is where I communicate with, train and support my team.  You'll find indispensible information that will help your family flourish faster than you dreamed possible.  The page linked below presents two items critical to your decision process.

You'll find: 

1.  The Company Presentation:  You're presented a brief high level video overview of the company, the products and the opportunity.  The company you select is very important.  Nevertheless, it is only the second most important decision you'll make.  The most important decision is who you select as your sponsor.  Your sponsor is the person that will provide you with guidance, direction and support that will help make the attractive video you're about to watch, your reality.  I am that sponsor.   

2.  Three Critical Papers:  I've been doing this a very long time.  I've studied and written extensively on the topic of network marketing.  I've prepared Three Critical Papers that will tell you exactly what you have to do to make networking work for you.  It's called network marketing.  It's called that for a reason.  If you don't work, neither does the opportunity.  BUT... if you're willing to do the work, your life can improve dramatically.  Incredibly, it can happen much more quickly than you imagined.     

After you've reviewed the materials, I'll respond to your questions.  We'll discuss what you'll do, how you'll do it and what I'm going to do to help create your Dynasty.  There are no assurances.  Nevertheless, I know this can work for your family.  It works for mine.

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Thank you,
Dave Zenker, CPA