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Third-Party Endorsements

Third Party Endorsements
These kinds of reviews are seen as quite effective for authors in terms of getting publicity for a book from sources such as: Celebrities, Authors, Book podcasts, Book Blogs or websites, Magazines– News outlets– Print Media– Professional publications.

Book Reader Reviews

Book Reader Reviews
Most reader book reviews are considered more important and authentic than endorsements because they have a certain personal feel to them. A majority of online retail bookstores exhibit reader book reviews as part of the book page to encourage book sales.

Genre and Category

Genre Placement Category
Genres of books say what the book is about. Sci-fi/fantasy, romance, memoir, biography, history, and mysteries are all designations that tell on a basic level what a book is about. Categories only tell if its New Adult, Young Adult, Novels, or Nonfiction.

Book Cover Design

The book covers image, font & colors are your best marketing. The reality of the book industry is that the majority of readers use the cover as a deciding factor in not only whether or not they should buy the book, but if they will enjoy it as well.

Keyword Optimizing

Keywords are enormously important for positioning in Amazon search engines and lists. Have your book description edited to include keywords that will help your book pop and gain new interest from readers and appear more often in search results.

Book Title & Description

our Book Title and Book Description (the short description of the book seen on Amazon and other venues) are second only to your book covers image, font, and colors. It is proven to be the most inexpensive and effective marketing tool. It impacts the Ranking and Search Position.

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