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How It Works

You went to the trouble to write your book. Let us help you turn your work into a great success. Our publishing programs are designed to educate authors with everything necessary to promote both you and your work. It doesn’t matter whether your book is fiction or non-fiction. We will show you just what is needed to get your hard work out to the reading public.

Our Process

If you are accepted into our program, we will work together to educate you on what is truly necessary to not only make your book “look” great, but to show you just what it takes to market both you and your work successfully.

Samuel Wardwell, Editor in Chief

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Do I have to pay for printing ?

Yes. When all your books specs (e.g., trim size, page count) have been determined, you’ll be provided with quotes that’ll let you know the price per book, based on the size of your print order.

What are MOBI and EPUB

MOBI and EPUB refer to an ebook’s file type. Think PDF vs. DOC or JPG vs. GIF. Each ereader recognizes a different file type. Amazon’s Kindle reads MOBI files, while the iPad, Nook, and most other ereaders recognize an EPUB file. We format your ebook for both file types, so all your bases are covered.

What's difference between e-formating and e-distribution?

Ebook formatting means we convert your print book files into four ebook formats (MOBI and three device-optimized EPUBs) so your ebook can be purchased and viewed on all major ebook devices. With distribution, your ebook is listed for sale through, iBookstore, and 120+ online retailers including Barnes and Noble, Kobo, Copia, and If you purchase ebook distribution with us, you’ll receive library distribution, too.

What's difference between copyediting and proofreading?

A copyedit takes place early in the publishing process, while your manuscript is still a Microsoft Word document. This will be your editor’s first opportunity to review the manuscript and make any necessary corrections. The proofread, a final review for any remaining glitches or inconsistencies, takes place once the manuscript has been laid out.

Is marketing included in package plans?

We offer several marketing services for you to purchase a la carte, including a marketing consultation with our book publicist. The Marketing portion of our Author Learning Hub also offers many tips on marketing your book on your own.

What is the difference between POD (Print on Demand)printing and expanded distribution?

POD distribution is the best choice for authors primarily concerned with being able to sell their book with online retailers, such as Amazon and B& Expanded distribution is a great fit if you want to try to get your book into brick-and-mortar locations (e.g, bookstores and libraries) in addition to selling it through online retailers.

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