Why I began this Publishing Service

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Why I began this Publishing Service

I just wanted to share with everybody why I am so passionate about our publishing company.

After completing my first novel, I sent letter after letter to publishers and agents. I was basically told. “Because I was not either famous (or infamous), they had no interest in my work.”

My next step was to pursue the self-publishing opportunities available at the time. I ended up signing with a major west coast publisher with a large self-publishing division. After being promised “the sun, the moon, and the sky,” I wrote a substantial check and hoped for the best. 

The result… I ended up with an excellent finished product. My cover work, formatting, website, and social-media pages were set up wonderfully. I purchased over 1000 books in preparation for all the sales promised to me. But there was a problem.

After all of the work getting my book ready, I was never prepared or even told about what it would take to market my work. I had no clue how to reach out to distributors, effectively use my website, or made aware of what do do with my social-media. In other words, I had hired a “Great Printer” but not a “true” publisher.

Now I had lots of books and no idea how to sell them.

This frustration led me to attend groups like Meetup.com. During one of those meetings, I was blessed to be introduced to my Rebell Publishing business partner, Rodney Bell. Together, we took what I had learned the hard way and the amazing marketing skills Rodney brought to our business and decided to seek out and assist like-minded people with their publishing needs.

Rebell Publishing’s goal is simple. We want to not only prepare your book for public consumption, but we also want to prepare you. An author can have the greatest book in the world, but what good is that if you cannot let the reading world know it exists in the first place.

This is what I learned the hard way and what I want to eliminate from your endeavors.

Let us show you what it takes to be successful both with the marketing of your book and with making you a true player in the published-author world.

Thanks for your interest.

Samuel Wardwell  (Samuelwardwell.com

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